Hey BONES sent something other day but u must of receive it so thought would send u. Another line fishing humor glad your guide service going great I knew u would be good at it because when we become friends I never knew anybody that loved to fish more as u so good luck this from the DUCK

 We caught 10 fish, 5 of which were keepers. The excitement, energy and entertainment on the boat was awesome! All the other boats started following us wherever Raymond went, but still weren't using the right lures like Raymond was. Raymond was fun, engaging, and answered tons of questions for us on the boat. After we docked, the other guides literally walked around Raymond's boat, trying to see if he had dropped any bait around, wondering what he was using. He chuckled and told them "You ain't gonna find it guys!". On top of everything he put on a masterful display of filleting skills and cut up our fish for us, which we took home on ice for great eating. I hope to take my family on a guided fishing trip in Texas, and it will only be with Raymond. FIVE STARS!"

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