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Double action at Calaveras Lake while fishing in San Antonio , Texas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 NO CATCH, NO PAY!   
 Your San Antonio, Texas fishing guide for Calaveras Lake Fishing, Canyon Lake Fishing, Choke Canyon Fishing and Braunig Lake Fishing.                                                                                                                                                                 

  Are you in the Alamo city area, looking for an affordable, "NO CATCH NO PAY' San Antonio fishing guide, than I am your Fishing Guide in San Antonio, fishing with Raymond Esckilsen (Bones). I have been a professional, licensed fishing guide for 7 years. Most of my time has been devoted to Calaveras Lake Fishing, Canyon Lake Fishing, Braunig Lake Fishing and the Nuecess River Fishing. Since being a little boy, being a Fishing Guide in San Antonio, has been one of my dreams. On my way chasing my dream,I was able to achieve "The Freshwater Elite Angler Award", which is awarded from the State of Texas.There is about 25 of us now and growing. Texas Parks & Wildlife Department).I've fished some amazing places: Tawonkia Lake, Chesapeake Bay, The Great Lakes, Saginaw River,Canada Fishing Trip, Key West, Mississippi River, Nags Head, Chicon Lake in Lytle Texas, Guadalupe River, LBJ Lake, Canyon Lake, Choke Canyon Lake, North and South Jetties, Mustang Island, Mulet Hole, Fin and Feather Bay, Bob Hall Pier, Norht Padre Island, Port Bay, Copano and Goose Island,and we cant leave out Calaveras and Braunig Lake. 

San Antonio fishing, fishing for redfish at Calaveras Lake                              
 "Bones Fishing Guide Service" focuses on providing you and your guest with a fun and productive day of fishing. 

Fishing for Stripe Bass and White Bass, Leaving San Antonio, Texas fishing
   For Canyon Lake, the bite for Stripers is good in the fall, especially June through October, and early February through first part of April.  While the White Bass bite run is really good in the spring( February through March) and June through October. For the Nuecess River or Choke Canyon, the bite for White Bass fishing can be fantastic to. For Choke Canyon, the bite usually starts mid January through March, sometimes the Crappy make an appearance. Also, if the water is real low, wade fishing the Nuecess is an amazing experience to do.(Late January through February.) Until the snakes start showing up.Fishing at either Choke Canyon or the Nuecess River can a great way to get out of town and see some beautiful wild life.. 

San Antonio, Texas, fishing for redfish and fishing for Blue Cats

 Calaveras Lake fishing can very productive. As seen above, this was a day on the water at Calaveras Lake and we slammed them. Here is a great trip ( 4 Hours), we had a boat load of Redfish and Bluecats. Method of fishing, believe or not, trolling. Also known here, in San Antonio, as down rigging. this trip was in the end of May. All these fish were caught on soft plastics and swim baits. That monster Bluecat weighed over 22 pounds.WOW!! Keep in mind, San Antonio, Texas has some of the best freshwater fishing that the Texas has to offer. If you get the chance, ask me about the "whats for dinner"? 

Fishing San Antonio Guide.
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Fishing San Antonio Local Tournament- Fishing for blue cats

Fishing for blue catsFishing for blue cats
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